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    "Dr. B has a genuine, warm and engaging style that creates an immediate connection with his audience.“ - Cheryl Lemon, RDH, BS, Monterey Bay Dental health Society Board Member

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    "Dr. B sees the special qualities within an individual and to helps them realize their greatest potential." - Elisabeth F. Hadden, Singer

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    "Dr. B’s trained me to stay calm whatever happens. What he taught me works." - A.T., high school soccer captain

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    "Dr. B’s work with our clinical and office staff was brilliant, subtle and powerful." - Michele A. Smith, Organizational Consultant, The Colorado Center for Psychology


Hello, I'm Dr. B.

I’m a professional performance coach. I work with people who have to perform under stress: athletes, doctors, public speakers, business executives, stage performers, lawyers dentists, and test-takers of all ages.

If you want to improve or enhance your performance, or if you are overwhelmed, burned out, or suffering from performance anxiety, you’ve come to the right place.

I invite you to explore this website. If you have any questions please contact me.