What is the BPM?

The Bernstein Performance Model (BPM) teaches people how to be in an optimal state when they have to perform. This is called The Zone. The model provides powerful yet simple skills that are natural, easy-to-learn and fun to use so that you can get into the zone quickly. If you are taking a test, giving an onstage performance, want your business to grow, or would like to be a more successful athlete, the BPM can help you to achieve your goals.

Who is Dr. B?

The Bernstein Performance Model was developed by Ben Bernstein, Ph.D.

Dr. B is a Bay Area educator and psychologist (California license PSY 14306). For the last 35 years, Dr. B has been working with world-class performers helping them to achieve their maximum potential. His performance model is used by test-takers, from school children to professionals facing licensing exams, as well as by athletes, teachers, therapists, dentists, stage performers and business executives. For more information on Dr. B, see his complete bio.

How does the BPM work?

Dr. B has discovered that the platform for success is built on three qualities: being calm, confident and focused. The root cause of poor performance is disconnection -- from the physical, psychological and spiritual parts of who we are. Disconnection causes stress, and as stress mounts performance suffers. The BPM offers simple and effective tools to become calm in the body, confident in the mind, and focused in the spirit by staying connected with one's true self. By staying connected and integrated in these three domains, we access the best of ourselves and we operate smoothly and efficiently at our full potential. Especially when the stakes are high and the challenges are big.

As part of the model, Dr. B created a self-diagnostic tool, the BPI (Bernstein Performance Inventory): a quick, insightful, personalized look at the areas of calm, confidence and focus. The BPM guides the Dr. B and his clients directly to the areas that need attention.

The BPM can help you.

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